Monday, June 21, 2010

Books On PHP and MySQL

'PHP and MySQL' was the first e-book I bought when I started learning PHP and let me tell you this is the best e-book you will ever come across.I still did not believe that it just cost me 12$.The specialty of this e-book is that it is written in very simple and easy to understand language.Buy this book only if you are completely new to PHP just like I was 3 years ago.

The reason why I liked this e-book is that it contains a lot of examples and everything is explained in details and that too in very simple language.You will need only a few hours to learn this book and completely grasp all the important features of this powerful technology.In just a few hours you will start feeling very comfortable with PHP.This book will teach you everything right from the scratch and will take you to intermediate level in just a few hours.

Best Book on PHP and MySQL

BUY this e-Book now just for 12$

PHP section of this book contains:

Basic Syntax: In the first PHP tutorial of this PHP Book, you will learn the basic syntax of Script Programming.

Variables: This is the second tutorial of this PHP book.Here you will learn how to deal with variables.

Data Types: This PHP tutorial will help you know and learn about the various datatypes used in this language. It thoroughly explains all the data types used in this scripting language along with examples.

Code matrix: In this PHP tutorial you will learn how to create and work with matrix.

Constants: In the fifth chapter of this PHP Book you will learn ,how to define and use constants .

Operators: This PHP tutorial describes all the operators used in PHP.

Logical: This PHP tutorial will take you through the logical part of PHP.

Control Structures: Here you will learn about control structures used in this programming language.

Loops: Here you will learn the in depth structure of loops, along with various simple examples.

Functions: This PHP tutorial will provide you with in depth knowledge about functions and how to set and call functions using this server side scripting technology.

Classes and Objects: You will learn about Objects and Classes.Provides 'Introduction to Objects and Classes'.

References : You will learn about References and will be able to answer your all Reference (How to) questions.

Arrays: This part of this PHP Book will teach you about single and multidimensional arrays in PHP.Contains lots of examples and their detailed explanation.

Include files: This PHP tutorial will teach you on how to include files while creating script.>

Cookies: This part of this fantastic PHP Book will help you learn about cookies and cookies handling.This chapter will teach you on how to set cookies and read from a cookie and destroy cookies with PHP.

Parameters: This tutorial will show you in a very simple manner on how to pass parameters.

Forms: This tutorial of this well known PHP book explains Form creation and handling in PHP.Teaches , how to create and use Forms.

Upload files : This PHP tutorial is a very interesting one.It will teach you on how can you upload files on your server using PHP scripts.

Introduction to MySQL

View: This tutorial begins the MySQL section.This very simple tutorial will teach you ,how you can read information from MySQL database.

Consultation and Ordering:Explains consultation and ordering of information.

Inclusion and Update: Shows on how can you write and update information from a database.

Excluded: This is a separate chapter which teaches on how can you exclude information from a database.

All the topics of this beginners PHP Book are covered with detailed examples. With this PHP book,you don't only get to learn PHP through well organized PHP tutoirials but you can also learn about MySQL.I bet that once you have this PHP book along your side, you will start programming in few hours.

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