Friday, March 25, 2011

Tips For Hiring PHP Developers In the Subcontinent

Many of the western countries have explored India as an offshore software development destination using one or more company services. The most common model of working is on fixed cost project to project basis work and delivery model. Here the buyer seeks guidance on a software project, the software developers/programmers in India have delivered the solution and that ends one cycle of transaction. Very few have explored the possibility of Hiring Full time offshore software developer PHp/ developer/programmer in India, which has more benefits than its predecessor model.

Lets discuss where and how it useful to the companies seeking offshore software development services in India. This is suitable under various circumstances as follows.

Maintenance Projects: The projects which are complete or major phase is complete goes in the maintenance phase. Here the software requires changes in the process or screens or some business logic changes are required by the buyer. Such changes are necessity but the clarity on changes might not be there. In such case having a full time dedicated offshore team of PHP/ developers/programmers is essential. That keeps the things going without charging for every single change and the project goes live in phases for various features.

A long term Project: The projects requiring Developers /Programmers for longer duration from 6-12 months of time or higher. Here the full time dedicated team of Offshore PHP/ developers comes as handy resources. The long term projects are developed in phases, various modules are developed by different programmers and then integrated with each other. Its quite possible and advisable to have some people onsite for integration because of time difference of two countries. But still that reduces the cost having everyone onsite, the offshore software programmers or developers comes on cheaper rate while giving the similar kind of output like onsite resource.

Cost Advantage: the first and foremost advantage which is seen in offshore software developers and PHP/ programmers in India is the Cost. While you hire an average programmer of 1-2 years experience in any western country for about 3000-4000 USD, here its available for only $1000/month or above. This can boost the project profit by 300% if you are a subcontractor and if you are a direct buyer you are saving the big cost hiring full time dedicated PHP/ Programmer in India.

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