Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Use PHP for Better Web Development

PHP as every web developer is familiar with is a great tool to create efficient and fully functional websites that can be modified/upgraded as per the administrator wish, but at the same time PHP can be used to create good looking websites with interactive and user friendly features. Now, web design plays a major role in deciding the page ranking of the site but still it gets overlooked most of the time.

PHP is a very good tool for multi-platform and browser independent website creation and the best part is that it is secure being a server side scripting language. This language lets you put style sheets on your website with an ease or even you can create your own customized style sheet which is applied and accepted by PHP without any errors. One of the methods to spice up your website to use a PHP plus CSS made text size switcher which is taking into consideration that not every visitor that is going to visit the site will be an energetic and young person who completely understands the details of using a web browser. So, to make older or handicapped visitors comfortable in using the website without excessive strain or stress, this feature is included. The main function of this application is to allow the user of this site to modify the size of the text according to their comfort, generally to make the font size larger and easier to read.

Another method is to improvise the default ordered list and make it more attractive, this technique is made possible by setting up a loop using an integer variable that increments itself while the loop is running. Then echo the variable out where you need it and style id with CSS. This method makes the ordered list look more attractive and catchy.

There are even more PHP scripts that can be used to make your website look nice and feel easy to use, scripts for image hosting, shopping carts, login scripts, advertisements etc. Such scripts are tedious to write and apply on your website since, they are time consuming. You will have to write the whole code by yourself and then check them to be bug free and thus you can not provide enough time to the other aspect s of your website development. This has caused in the rise of number of sites that nowadays offer the facility to create such PHP scripts for you at a certain price or even offer this service for free.

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