Friday, March 25, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages Of PHP Hosting

PHP hosting is a server side scripting language used to create dynamic web pages. In other words PHP can be considered as a computer programming language that is designed for producing dynamic web pages. PHP generally runs on a web server using the PHP code for input to create the output of web pages. PHP is considered to be the main language used by many web masters. It is the most popular dynamic web programming language and these days you will easily find many websites that use scripts written in PHP language for various purposes, from building websites to shopping system. With PHP you can do various types of programming.

In order to be in a position to use PHP scripts, you should use a particular web host that provides this feature. When you hunt for the right web host, make sure that the hosting company supports your PHP scripts. One should be aware that there are certain scripts that are available in the market, can run well only with the latest PHP version. In such a situation, if you want to solve this compatibility issue, you should approach those types of hosting providers who provide two PHP versions. You may have to customize or change certain scripts that are intended for the older PHP version environment.

You should also take the PHP modules into consideration. The concerned PHP modules are required by your scripts to be installed. Ask your hosting provider about the modules which are required by your scripts to be installed. If the hosting provider does not provide the required modules, then at least ensure that you are allowed to install them later. You can make use of PHP on a server by running PHP in CGI mode and using it as an apache module. By running PHP as an apache mode, the interpreter will be loaded as a part of Apache. This will lead to a faster execution of your PHP script. Before you manually install PHP script, you should check the list of scripts that is provided. If you are unable to find your required script, you then have to try using it from another source.

One should consider certain important facts about PHP support web hosting. You should mainly ensure that your database will be supported with a PHP hosting server. Also, be aware of the fact that since PHP is based in Unix, you will be unable to use windows developed applications, such as Active Server Pages (.ASP), on your website. A window server should be used for allowing .ASP to run and function correctly. Ensure maximum availability of features for your website so that there is scope for development and growth towards your web pages. There is so much of competition for ecommerce in today’s market. Hence one should ensure that every new option are explored before hand in order to avoid paying more that what you already decided towards your monthly hosting charges. You can also look out for a host that provides a shopping cart, SSL certificate mailing list software and unlimited databases. If you get these facilities within your hosting charges then you don’t have to pay extra as additional applications when required. It is better to get equipped with the required facilities, before hand. However, see that all the required features are made available to you at a reasonable price.

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